Aug. 22nd, 2011

Copy of a great article about Zero Population Growth in Brazil. It was posted to ontd but I haven't read the discussion there.
It's a bad, cruel law, and recreational drugs shouldn't be illegal in the first place.

But just as a nod to reality -- the figures given here in the WFTV article don't support the article's conclusion about cost. The (average benefit of) $240 is saved every month, so that's about $2800 per year per applicant, which is about double the $1140 cost of the 38 negative tests.

An article in the Orlando Sentinel suggests an even higher amount would be saved -- see below.

Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s plan to test welfare recipients for drugs is costing the state money, despite his claims that the program would actually save tax dollars.

A WFTV investigation found that out of the 40 recipients tested by Department of Central Florida’s (DCF) region, only two resulted in positive results. And one of those tests is being appealed.

Under the rules of the program, the state must reimburse recipients who receive negative test results. The state paid about $1,140 for the 38 negative tests, while saving less than $240 [sic] a month by denying benefits over [each of] the two positive tests.

From a more detailed article at the Orlando Sentinel:

[July 2011]
Most providers approved so far offer "bundled" test rates of $25 -$35
Temporary cash assistance is available for up to 48 months to low-income pregnant women and families with at least one child. For a family of three, the annual income limit is $34,280. About 93,000 Floridians currently receive cash assistance, according to DCF; monthly benefits average $240 per family.



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